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The last in our series introducing our team, this week we spoke to marketing & media manager, Rosie, and graphic designer, Michelle.

Rosie Dawson-Hewes, Chaos & Harmony

Rosie, what does a marketing & media manager actually do?
On any given day I’m chief wordsmith, media contact, samples custodian, occasional foot model and general hustler. Almost everything you see written for our brand has me behind it - from press releases and collection summaries, to Facebook ads and posts, shoe descriptions, blogs, emails and website content.

How long have you been with the company?
Nearly a year officially, though I’ve been writing copy behind the scenes for about five years and buying (and loving) Chaos & Harmony shoes since way back in 2008, when I lived in Wellington and would spend my student loan money on shoes! I remember when I first discovered the brand, that feeling of “Oh! Finally a New Zealand shoe brand that gets me and my style!” It was like I’d found my spiritual shoe home.

What is your favourite shoe or go-to style?
This winter I’ve been thrashing Lauryn, Florence and Venus in black. I’m also wearing Define and Tranquil in black, now, too.

Define, Chaos & Harmony, black leather chelsea boot, modern Chaos & Harmony, Lauryn, d'orsay flat, black leather, flats Tranquil, black leather loafer, Chaos & Harmony


What is your fondest C&H memory?
It’s sounds cheesy but I just love being behind the scenes of my long-time favourite shoe brand. It’s so exciting when all the samples for a new range come in - I love being part of the process of them coming to life, then introducing press and customers to new styles. And I love that when I need a 15-minute break in my working day, I can use that time to try on shoes! It’s the dream!

What is the thing/achievement you are most proud of?
Launching Bridal Boutique in February this year. We started working on it almost as soon as I started in my current role and there was so much work behind the scenes to make it happen. So to launch with an incredible floral shoot in Together Journal and really rave reviews from press across the country was immensely satisfying. Though there are so many other really cool things I’m working on at the moment, I’ve no doubt it will change very soon!



Michelle, what do you do?
I design our weekly email campaigns and any print work - packaging, point-of-sale material, Michelle Harper, Chaos & Harmonyposters and signage. I also photograph our products and prepare them for our online store.

How long have you been with the company?
I’ve been with Chaos & Harmony three years now.

What is your favourite shoe or go-to style?
Desire Black Lines, Teresa white and Monique Navy.

What is your fondest C&H memory?
I have so many! Of course, I’m behind the computer mostly but I have loved being a part of the launch events, the opening of Ponsonby store and our seasonal campaign shoots. I have also really enjoyed the few times I’ve worked on the floor selling shoes (for sales etc). I love seeing women find their perfect pair (or two, or three).

What is the thing/achievement you are most proud of?
I am so proud of the evolving creativity of our brand. I love being a part of pushing it further and seeing our campaign shoots come to life.

Desire Black Lines, black leather, boots, classic, Chaos & Harmony, New Zealand fashion

Teresa, white leather sneaker, slip-on, Chaos & Harmony, New Zealand fashion

Monique, navy boots, Chaos & Harmony, New Zealand fashion



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