Inspired by the beauty of the Tongariro Alpine Crossing, our Founder and Creative Director Beks Anderson, walked this precious beauty in the summer of January 2021.

The National Park area was the first park in New Zealand to be gifted by Māori and the fourth park in the world to become a World Heritage area.

The spiritual connection when walking the land is a SACRED JOURNEY to be walked in gratitude, humility and wonder. Being surrounded by such natural beauty and awe-inspiring landscape allowed Beks’ creative mind to be fully released into the colours, forms and structures available to her.
The essence of the Chaos & Harmony aesthetic is seen in mixes of tones and textures, inspired by the land. There are rich hues of wines, browns, blacks inspired from the volcanos, plus greys, tans and olives from the hills and rocks, with a touch of off white and pink spread throughout the strong collection.

Each shoe has been designed with the wearer in mind, this time with boldness and a nature-inspired feel. Styles are effortless and everyday comfort is at the forefront of this distinct Chaos & Harmony Shoe Collection.