Help us raise money for Breast Cancer Cure

Chaos & Harmony actively supports Breast Cancer Cure, a national organisation working to find a cure to the disease that affects one in three Kiwi women. We're raising money again this year, with our cool new pink sneaker. There's info on how you can help at the bottom of this post.

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But first, and more importantly, our friend Rebecca Tereu was 37 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Here is her inspiring story, in her words...

Rebecca Tereu, Chaos & Harmony, Breast Cancer Cure"What began as a begrudging visit to the doctor about an insect looking bite on my left breast, turned into the fight of my life - beginning with the radiology department, as my initial mammogram referral was rejected (apparently I was too young etc).

I won round one in the ring, and it was just as well, as the mammogram and subsequent biopsy revealed two forms of cancer – not on my left breast, but on my right! I still think about what might have happened if I didn’t heed the small voice nudging me to grin and bear the $50 doctor's fee for a silly 'insect bight' on the wrong breast.

I was then scheduled for immediate surgery - a mastectomy of my right breast on Christmas Eve, followed by another surgery several weeks later to remove all my lymph nodes as the cancer had spread.

Then came the true horror - chemotherapy, radiation, drugs for the next 10 years to keep the nasties away and, more recently, a full hysterectomy as my cancer was hormone positive and we felt I should stay the aggressive course, and do everything I could to give myself and my family a chance at more time. My daughter was just hitting teenage years, and cancer wasn’t going to stop that rocket ship. My son was just starting primary school and we had to stick to a pretty intense transition plan to help him adapt to school life. My husband was doing a great job at being superman, but the load was insane, even for a strong man like him. Yes, time was indeed precious.

Energy, pink leather sneaker, pink sole, pom pom, Chaos & Harmony, Breast Cancer Cure
I am now at the end of my treatment road, and life has started to look a little more normal. There is no sign of cancer and for that I am eternally grateful. I have to admit, there was a long moment there where I believed life, as I knew it, was over. It’s very easy to feel like you’ve hit the end of your road, and you missed your chance at making that one shot at life count, when you’re fighting for that very life.

Cancer can not only kill your body, it can kill your spirit if you let it. Somewhere along the beaten path I picked up my faith and dared to believe I could not only reclaim my life, but make it even better. Today I have never been more fulfilled, both professionally and personally. Not only do I get to work for a great organisation (The Parenting Place), as well as offer business consultation services when time allows, but I have the rare privilege of spending time on something I am really passionate about. I get to write and encourage women to my heart’s content via my website - I have even managed to turn that passion for writing into a published book.

For the ladies (and men) who are facing breast cancer right now, I want to encourage you that while it may never look the same – life after treatment is still just as amazing and fulfilling as you want it to be. It’s all about your perspective, and how you allow that perspective to shape your reality. The power is completely in your hands, so don’t let an ugly thing like cancer try to take that away from you.

For all the other women (and men) out there who suspect something isn’t quite right, or are due for a check up - don’t let fear, pride, or apathy stop you from taking care of your body. You only have one, and it will fight for you if you give it the time, attention and care that it deserves. The quicker you get on to things, the better chance you’ll give yourself. I’m living proof of that!"

Energy, pink leather sneaker, pink sole, pom pom, Chaos & Harmony

For every pair of Energy Double Pink sneakers sold, we will donate 10 per cent to Breast Cancer Cure. Click the image above to shop the Energy Double Pink now.