Chaos & Harmony is led by its Founder, Rebecca Anderson, a creative and strategic visionary with a desire to build an internationally significant business that empowers women and the community around it. 

It is the policy of Chaos & Harmony to have in place, clear organisational processes and procedures. These support and protect ethical practice, procurement, sustainability, social responsibility and engagement,  

within the footwear industry and with any other associated products and organisations we choose to collaborate with.

This policy will be known as The SHOES OF PEACE Policy and will be a frame work of reference as we journey towards the future. It will encompass our core values as a foundation for the companys’ goals and direction.



• We want our families, staff, customers, suppliers and the charities we connect with to have a positive experience with us, that moves them forward into greater opportunities.

• We are relational and treat others, as we would like to be treated. Our business conduct will be one that is based on fundamental human rights.

• Socially: we are learning to lead through social awareness and asking the question - How do we impact the world around us?


• Design: are we proud of this design, do we love it. Is it us? Does it have distinct C&H feel about it? Does it create a sense of curiosity and exploration for the wearer and her style?

• Quality: we provide hassle free repairs, exchanges or refunds. 

• Ethical: Creating handmade shoes using products that are forgiving on your feet through factories supporting good business practice.

• We provide shoe solutions.

• Environmentally: We are learning how to move forward as an organisation by taking all reasonable measures to enhance our environment rather than undermining it.


• We are efficient and meet deadlines.

• Expectations and outcomes are clear.

• We communicate and lead well.

• We are shoe experts.

• Growth: we love fresh ideas, new solutions; we ask ourselves can we create a better system?

Let's dive into this a little deeper...


Our workers and factories - When we first explored China as a viable manufacturing partner in 2008, we looked for factories that we could develop long lasting relationships with, that were like minded and provided a progressive atmosphere of leadership and management.

We were grateful to meet Jackson and his team, who had recently opened his new business of manufacturing and also aligned with our ability and value to create smaller production runs. Over the last decade we have developed a long –lasting relationship, where there is a connection and intention to grow in a healthy way.

Our production manager Charlie Duhig is in regular contact with our extended team of artisans working in Dongguan, China. Before the Covid pandemic we would visit our factory at least every 12 weeks to check on production and to meet with our workers. Currently we are unable to travel to China, but hope to resume our regular visits as soon as possible.

Many of our Chinese team are not only highly qualified, with the specialist skills required to make high quality shoes by hand, but have also worked with us for years and greet us like old friends when we visit.

Our shoes are bespoke – completed by hand, from creating the leather uppers to attaching the soles. Our factory abides by ethical manufacturing standards. Our workers are paid at least a living wage.


As a small business, we are passionate about creating beautiful shoes that empower women. 
We are also always working on ways to reduce our environmental footprint, from researching new and more environmentally friendly materials, to optimising our supply chain and shipping methods. We have provided a breakdown of our ethos behind each element that is involved in creating a shoe.

Our intentional design philosophy is that Chaos & Harmony shoes are created to be distinctly designed classic pieces you will have in your wardrobe for years to come. We strive to create collections that stand out and have an inspired point of view but also will stand the test of time. With basic up-keep you will be able to have your shoes for many seasons.

Our considered choices are based around classic styling but are also evolving as we research better options, not only for the environment but also materials that are good for your feet. We source natural and luxurious leathers while being mindful of what is sustainable. We believe leather is a product that when well looked after will last for years to come.

Recycled leather is a composite of leather off-cuts collected from tanneries and other leather products. The leather is then repurposed into new sheets with different characteristics to be cut and used accordingly. MORE

Leather is our preferred material choice because it can be cut and shaped with comparative ease. It is light, strong and supple and most importantly, it breathes. This is an important factor for Chaos & Harmony as we thoughtfully merge the balance of form and function. Our inner soles are made from latex memory foam and create a soft cushioning which is imperative when it comes to the pressure points in your feet. We have chosen to use a better quality leather sock lining again to create the comfort and cushioning that your feet need. 

Our factories in China work with reliable contract partners to create a superior product. We are looking to create a new criteria to help our factories continue to source from reliable materials partners.

All our shoe boxes are made from recycled materials. Our Courier Bags are made from recycled plastic and are recyclable with soft plastics (the label must be cut from the bag first). 

Our production shipments are all shipped via sea freight, which reduce our carbon emissions and also keep the shoe cost lower. All of our wholesale and online orders are shipped via New Zealand Couriers. Our international online orders are shipped via DHL.

We believe in only making what we need. We are cautious not to over produce and have created our boutique business with a production process that reflects our vision of making smaller runs of shoes, that sell out. This approach means designs are carefully considered and products are created with care.

By looking after your shoes, you will be able to get the life you need out of them. All shoes come with a Chaos & Harmony dust bag to store your shoes in. 

Clean your shoes with a soft cotton cloth before polishing or applying shoe protector. Apply polish to leather shoes evenly and in a circular motion and, once dry, buff. We recommend using beeswax products. If your leather shoes get wet, dry them out and then re-apply a water protectant spray. You may wish to put a shoe-tree or a bunch of paper in the inside of the shoe, in order to keep the shape. Suede and fabric don’t like water, so use a waterproof spray regularly. Dark items, such as denim, can rub off on lighter materials. Replace heel tips and heel caps as they do wear out. Avoid hooking your heels over barstools or driving in your shoes, as this will create unnecessary wear and tear.

Leather will scuff when it grazed against abrasive surfaces. This is considered normal wear on your shoes.

You may wish to have your outsoles replaced, this easily done by a reputable shoe repair store. 
If you need your Chaos & Harmony shoes stretched, we are able to offer this as a complementary service. Please drop your shoes into our BLAKCHAOS store located in Mt. Maunganui or email us at to organise this. 

All of our shoes are sampled in a size 40/9. All shoes are fitted by our Founder, Beks Anderson to make sure every shoe is correct before it is produced. These shoes may from time to time be available in our sample sales, or are donated to Dress for Success to support women looking to enter or re-enter the New Zealand work force. 


We are excited to be in relationship with the following partners: 

DRESS FOR SUCCESS – we donate shoes, either end of line or samples and seconds to this organisation to help women feel empowered when stepping into the work force.

CURATE CHURCH – we donate financially to this organisation who support the local community in the areas of addiction recovery, a community facility, "Warm Up The Streets" (helping kids get new warm clothes) and the Christmas "Gift of Groceries", of which our team volunteer in this project.

LIFT INTERNATIONAL – we are financial contributors to the NZ field partner TEARFUND, who support this not for profit organisation which support victims out of Human Trafficking and pursue prosecution on their behalf.

KIDS CAN - we are excited to be partnering with Kids Can in 2022 to make sure all of our Kiwi Kids get shoes on their feet. 

Thank you for taking the time to read through our Shoes of Peace Policy. We are on a constant journey of growth and understanding. We are learning more and more every day as we explore what could be. During 2022 we will continue on our journey of sustainable materials, we will also be pursuing our community partnerships further so we can bring about opportunities that may not have existed before.

Beks x