Joseph + Shannon wearing the Chichi Heel in Snow Feather

How did you meet your partner? Tell us about your love story…

Shannon - I met Joe when I was working in Kasungu National Park, Malawi in 2016. He arrived, planning to document the conservation efforts taking place in the park. As part of those conservation efforts, I got to know him and he became more involved with the conservation team. We started dating, but we both knew we would have to go in different directions. Joe, anAmerican citizen, returned home after a few months and I relocated to Australia for university. Although we were determined to not have a long distance relationship, thinking they were all doomed, we quickly realised we didn’t want to be with anyone else. So we started to visit each other whenever we could. I went to Los Angeles on my university breaks andJoe would spend time in Australia. Once I graduated, I moved to the US and we got engaged in 2020! Being together with no looming return dates is the most wonderful feeling in the world, and marrying him was an absolute dream come true.

Tell us about your wedding day, your vision and the style…

I envisioned a wedding that felt enchanted, magical, and connected to the landscape. The relationship between nature and humanity is something I’ve always recognised as significant. I wanted a venue that blurred the distinction between man made structures and the surrounding environment, unifying both in harmony. Florals, furniture, and textures all connected the elements of the wedding to the surrounding landscape. Additionally, I wanted our guests to experience some of the beautiful contemporary architecture and design that Southern Africa abounds with. Johannesdal 1207 was an obvious choice for this.

What Chaos & Harmony Shoes did you purchase for your wedding and how did the shoes make you feel?

I picked the chichi heel in snow feather and my Mom purchased the shoes for me as a wedding gift. I wanted a shoe that was fun and had character in and of itself, rather than just a blank canvas to compliment the dress. The Chichi heel’s feather details immediately caught my attention. I loved that the shoe looked so fun but didn’t compromise practicality, with a versatile block heel that could handle lawns and pebbly pathways.

I felt absolutely amazing in the shoes! They were glamorous but I still felt completely myself. I absolutely loved the mobility I had in them and I think this comfort really came through in the photos as they allowed me to move in organic and energetic ways. Every time I saw the shoes peak out from under the dress I just loved them more.

Did the suit or shoes come first and how did you style them with the dress?

The dress came first! I decided to go with a more timeless dress, detailed with intricate beading on the bodice and lace accents on the skirt. Because the dress was a timeless and classic shape, I wanted to pair it with something that felt more contemporary and sassy. Being a New Zealand citizen, I had hoped to have some ode to the wonderful country that accepted me and my family and gave us a place to build our lives and continue to explore from. When I realised Chaos and Harmony was a New Zealand company I immediately knew I wanted to find my bridal shoes there. The chichi heels ticked all the boxes and gave me something that felt connected to New Zealand to wear throughout my wedding.

Did you buy the shoes with the intention to wear them again? If so, have you?

I got them as a wedding present and would absolutely love to wear them again!

Photographer: Kikitography / Dress: Flora bridal / Grooms attire: Custom Suit by Klein Epstein Parker / Venue: Johannesdal 1207 / Styling: Makeup by Algria Ferreria / Hair by Jeanette Genis / Hire: Furniture hire Scape Events / Wedding planner: Amy York Events

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