Gavin + Belinda wearing the Divine Boot in Champagne Velvet 

How did you meet your partner? Tell us about your love story…

I met Gavin through a mutual friend after a very strategic set up. At the time I was not interested in starting a new relationship after just coming out of one but my friend was very persistent. She made sure to invite him to our group dinner and saved a spot for him next to me. After we got talking I realised what a gentleman he was. I was pleasantly surprised when he asked for permission to add me on Facebook. I accepted his friend request and now I am his wife!

Tell us about your wedding day, your vision and the style…

Like most couples planning a wedding during the pandemic it was a journey of postponements, restrictions and unexpected changes. Let’s just say we learnt to embrace the inability to control everything and maintain a positive outlook.

Originally we planned to have a tropical wedding in Fiji, then had to move it closer to home and started planning a winter wedding in Queenstown. We wanted to keep the same date, 19.08.21, because that was our 9th year anniversary. Unfortunately the stars didn’t align for us and we ended up cancelling it after the snap lockdown that was announced merely two days before the wedding day. It was an emotionally exhausting time for us and our families, but we had such a great network of friends who showered us with love and support.

Refused to be defeated, we went back to the drawing board with our dream wedding team and secretly managed to pull off a summer intimate wedding in Queenstown with only our immediate family. The mood we wanted was dreamy romantic bohemian and our florist/stylist, Gypsy made it all come true with the beautiful florals in our colours of the day (white, blush, orange, mustard and beige). She was also tasked with creating a floral headband. I had so much trust in her that I basically told her to take creative control and surprise me on the day. She really wowed me with her amazing floral talent when she personally delivered the bouquet and headband to the hotel room. They were perfect, I could clearly see the amount of love, thought and detail she put into them.

For the ceremony we wanted the triangular arch with dreamy floral accents and a moroccan rug to complete the look. We kept it simple to really show off the magnificent Queenstown mountain/lake landscape which became our backdrop.

I remember talking to Blair about my vision for the dress and how I haven’t found the dress yet. He immediately offered to create my custom made gown. I wanted a simple and timeless silhouette with a luxurious fabric. It was the best decision having someone I know make my dress. After listening to my ideas he came up with a sketch which I fell in love with straightaway. We went to Hawes & Freer showroom together where we became mesmerised by all the beautiful bridal fabrics on display. We both chose the one with a gorgeous elliptical beaded pattern. Turned out they only ordered one roll of that fabric and we bought it, so my dress became truly one of a kind. I thought it would be fun to have outfit changes throughout the day and Blair was on totally on board so in the end he made my custom white suit and reception dress.

What Chaos & Harmony Shoes did you purchase for your wedding and why?

I bought the Divine boot in champagne velvet. At the time we were planning for a winter wedding in Queenstown and since I am a summer person through and through, I really needed shoes that would keep my feet warm. The Divine boots were perfect because not only were they practical with those solid heels, they look very stylish and luxe with the amazing soft velvet. The colour complemented the palette for the wedding too. We ended up having a summer wedding in Queenstown but the boots were so versatile that it worked with my white suit regardless.

How did the shoes make you feel?
Wearing the Divine boots for our mountain shoot, I felt super confident and comfortable. They were definitely made for walking and I felt on top of the world (literally!) strutting on the mountain terrains.

Did the suit or shoes come first and how did you style them with the dress?

Actually the boots came first! I was shopping for winter shoes because I needed something warm for an outdoor winter wedding in Queenstown. I came across the Divine boots early in my search and knew immediately I found the one. You can’t go wrong with Champagne velvet!

When I first started brainstorming wedding outfits for Queenstown, I was tossing up between a dress or a suit. After I decided to go with the dress, I couldn’t stop thinking about how striking a suit would look. I thought life is too short to have regrets so why not have both?! At one of my dress fittings with Blair, I mentioned the suit idea and he instantly loved it. Suiting is his forte and I knew I was in great hands. He sourced an Italian crepe triacetate for the creamy white suit which contrasted perfectly with the silk satin statement lapel. The power shoulders added that oomph I wanted for a simple elegant suit. Without a doubt the champagne divine boots were a perfect match. We then finished the look with a floor length veil. I loved how the fitted silhouette of the suit flowed beautifully down to the soft champagne velvet round toes of the boots. The round heels not only make the boots so striking but it made walking on the mountains a whole lot easier. These boots are truly a marriage of function and beauty!

Did you buy the shoes with the intention to wear them again? If so, have you?

Totally will be wearing them soon as the cooler months approach.

Vendors Photographer: Dawn Thomson / Dress and Bridal Suit: Blair Wheeler / Bridal accessories: The Vase Queenstown, Zoe & Morgan / Grooms attire: Rembrant / Venue: Kamana Lakehouse / Florist: The Vase Queenstown / Styling: Gypsy West The Vase Queenstown / Hire: Queenstown Wedding Hire / Hair: Claire at Beautiful Bridal Hair / Makeup Yanisa Makeup Artist / 

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Divine Boot - Champagne Velvet
Divine Boot - Champagne Velvet
Divine Boot - Champagne Velvet
Divine Boot - Champagne Velvet
Divine Boot - Champagne Velvet
Divine Boot - Champagne Velvet
Divine Boot - Champagne Velvet
Divine Boot - Champagne Velvet