Our considered choices are based around classic styling but are also evolving as we research better options, not only for the environment but also as materials that are good for your feet. We source natural and luxurious leathers while being mindful of what is sustainable. We believe leather is a product that when well looked after, will last for years to come. Our small business is on a journey of searching and learning about what is available, durable and sustainable as a leather product.

Recycled leather is a composite of shredded leather off cuts collected from tanneries and other leather product manufacturers. The idea of working with offcuts fitted us well as we can be more aware of what is being used, while still being able to have a predominately leather based product.

By recycling and reusing leather scrap and offcuts, this reduces the demand for virgin leather and the production process it requires. Leather scraps can be collected from furniture, shoes and old garments. This leather is then mulched into shreds, combined with water and then mixed with binding products. The leather pulp is then formed into a sheet and mechanically processed to a specific size, colour and even texture. You can get all of the best characteristics of this natural product using recycled items. Our recycled leather shoes which include the Icon Boot, Icon 2.0 Boot and Limitless Boot in both black and cognac are a great entry into our journey of sustainability and have proven to be popular styles for our wearers. Watch this space as we build on this development and discover more options in the future.