Who We Are: Hayley & Joy

Continuing our Who We Are series, next up is operations manager Hayley and our China-based business manager, Joy.

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Joy and Hayley hard at work in our Chinese factory.

Hayley, what do you do?
I manage operations, which means I mostly focus on production and communication with our team in China. My part of the process involves working alongside Beks and our factories to turn Beks’ sketches into the actual shoes that you buy!

How long have you been with Chaos & Harmony? 
I just celebrated my fifth anniversary here earlier this year.

What is your favourite shoe or go-to style?
I love Calibrate, Amelia Black and Lauryn.
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What is your fondest C&H memory?  
I love travelling. I love getting to know the lives and culture of the people we work with in China.

What achievement are you most proud of?  
Being able to build a good relationship with the staff in our factories, so we can work closely with them to develop unique designs.

Chaos & Harmony, production, who made my shoes, made in China, leather shoes, New Zealand fashion
Joy is Chaos & Harmony’s Chinese business manager, she works very closely with Hayley.
She has more than 10 years' experience in women's shoes. She’s been working with Chaos & Harmony since last September (after our previous business manager of five years got promoted!)

Joy oversees Chaos & Harmony's brand development and production.
“I love my job very much because I get a different design from the New Zealand team every day.
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