Meet the team: Liv Sheehan and Greg Anderson

Today we're introducing you to two of our team at Chaos & Harmony HQ in Mount Maunganui - Sales Manager Liv and Online Manager Greg. If you've ever called about a pair of shoes or needed to swap sizes, it's likely you've spoken to one of these two!

Liv Sheehan, Chaos & Harmony, sales manager, boutique women's shoes

Liv Sheehan

What do you do?
I'm sales and stock manager, which involves being the first point of contact for everyone, from our lovely retailers to our store managers to our online customers. I also keep track of what stock we have at any given time. (Ed's note: Liv has an almost encyclopaedic knowledge of our archive of shoes. You can ask her whether we have a particular size in almost any style and she'll know the answer! It's incredible!) 

How long have you been with the company?
Since July 2014, so more than two years.

Your go-to styles?
Unlike most of the rest of the office (bar Greg!) I'm not a high heels person, so I love shoes that can be worn for work, out for dinner and on the weekend, just by changing my outfit. My go-to styles at the moment are Intent and the olive Axel boot.

Intent, Chaos & Harmony boots, zip up boots, black grain leather, fall bootsAxel olive, Chaos & Harmony, New Zealand fashion, suede boots, fall

Fondest C&H memory?

I love going on sales trips - I get paid to explore New Zealand and overseas with my suitcase full of shoes! 

What achievement are you most proud of?
I am really proud of finding amazing new retailers and seeing their excitement about our collections.

Greg Anderson, Online manager, Chaos & Harmony, boutique women's shoes, New Zealand fashion

Greg Anderson

What do you do?
I'm the Online Manager, overseeing the website and all business developments in the digital space, as well as occasionally responding to customer enquiries. Being the only guy in the office, I'm also called on to help with heavy lifting when stock arrives.

How long have you been with Chaos & Harmony?
Since before it began!

Your go-to style?
As I said before, I'm the only guy, so I like sneakers. I'm currently trying to get the Energy made in my size... watch this space!

Energy, black leather sneakers, Chaos & Harmony, New Zealand fashion

Fondest C&H memory?
I really enjoyed seeing its inception - from when Beks and I sold everything we owned (including our house) and moved to Rome so she could study footwear design.

What achievement are you most proud of?
The styles that come out every season, year after year. The creativity that constantly continues within the crew is inspiring. 

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