Meet the team: Rebecca Anderson, Director


What do you do?
I'm the Director, which means I lead the team and business in all future developments of Chaos & Harmony, including design and product developments, as well as vision, strategy and planning for the business.


How long have you been with the company?
I started Chaos & Harmony almost nine years ago.


Favourite shoe or go-to style?
I love heels and sneakers. Heels are my strength and I love so many. From this season, I love Moxie, Grace and especially Kavita as an inspirational piece.

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One of my all-time favourite styles is the Heartbreak heels from AW15 and the Warrior in blue from AW14.

In our bridal collection I'm in love with Serendipity and might just have a white pair in my closet for fun. I live in our Energy sneakers and am super-excited about the Venus boots for winter! I'm also looking forward to wearing our suede Anne boots this season.

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Fondest Chaos & Harmony memory?
When we opened our first package of designed shoes, it was mind-blowing. Some were hideous and some were amazing! Opening our first store also stands out - it was so thrilling seeing this idea we’d patiently waited for finally come to life. I'm also so excited about our Bridal Boutique collection. It's just amazing what can be created to fulfil a need. I also have some other milestones that I keep close which keep me going. I can’t wait until they happen!!


What are you are most proud of?
I'm always super-proud of being able to provide customers with amazing shoes that allow them to be more of who they are. I love seeing women who aren’t maybe as confident put on some heels and just glow. It almost makes me cry seeing how happy they are. I'm also super-proud of our team and how they own their part in this whole crazy business. It's awesome to think this can move beyond me and I'm not the most important or biggest thing in the room. The ideas/skills they have make me super-blessed.


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